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Product Catagories:

Below is a current list of our Product Catagories. Beads are highly adaptable to other uses so if you have an idea let use know. We can do anything with beads - well, almost anything - within reason.

Similar to a bracelet except you wear it around your ankle. Look hip on the beach this summer or at the swimming pool!

Usually worn around the waiste. Nice alternative to tiresome leather.

Book Markers:
Everyone knows has friends and family that love to read books so get them a stylish book marker.

Similar to a anklet except you wear is around your wrist. Look hip anywhere with a stylish bracelet: work, school, dance, sporting event etc.

Those fashionable little things that dangle from your ear lobs. Our products work with both attached and detached lobs!

Worn around the neck, no big surprise here. Can be very informal or very formal or anywhere in between. Tired of those pricey Harry Winston items? Give a bead necklace a try.

Are combinations of two or more pieces. Often clients will buy a necklace and macthing earrings or a necklace and matching bracelet. You get the idea.

Stemware Tags:
Great for dressing up your wine glasses and allowing your party guests to remember which glass is theirs. Goes well with fine Riddal Crystal and a nice California Merlot.

Wine Tags:
See Stemware Tags.

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