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Item Number Description
B1000SS* 6mm SS/Crystal Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1000GF 6mm GF/Crystal Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1000SS-2* 6mm SS/Crystal 2-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1000GF-2* 6mm GF/Crystal 2-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1000SS-3* 6mm SS/Crystal 3-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1000GF-3* 6mm GF/Crystal 3-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001SS 4mm SS/Crystal Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001GF 4mm GF/Crystal Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001SS-2* 4mm SS/Crystal 2-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001GF-2* 4mm GF/Crystal 2-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001SS-3* 4mm SS/Crystal 3-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001GF-3* 4mm GF/Crystal 3-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001SS-4* 4mm SS/Crystal 4-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1001GF-4* 4mm GF/Crystal 4-Strand Tennis Bracelet (7")
B1005* Crystal & Pearl Bracelet (7-1/4")
B1005-2 Crystal & Pearl 2-Strand Bracelet (7-1/4")
B1005-3* Crystal & Pearl 3-Strand Bracelet (7-1/4")
B1008 Crystal & Pearl Bracelet (7")
B1010 Art Glass & Bali Bracelet (7-1/4")
B1011 Art Glass & Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2")
B1013 Small Glass & Silver Bracelet (7")
B1014 Glass Cube & Silver Bracelet (7-7/8")
B1015 Glass Cube & Coppertone Bracelet (7-1/2")
B1200 Hematite Ovals & Squares Bracelet (7-1/2")
B1201 Hematite Donut/Cube Bracelet (7-1/4')
B1202 Hematite Woven Squares Bracelet (7-3/8")
B1203 Hematite Saucers & Tubes Bracelet (7-1/2')
B1204 Hematite Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2")
B1205 Hematite Saucer/8mm Crystal Bracelet (7-1/4')
B1206 Hematite Saucer/6mm Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2')
B1207G Woven SS/Gold Bracelet (7")
B1207H Woven SS/Hematite Bracelet (7")
B1208 Hematite/SS Noodle Bracelet (7")
B1209 SS/Large Hematite Stretch Bracelet (7-1/2")
B1210 Faceted Hematite/SS Bracelet (7-1/2")
B1211 Hematite Tube & Ball Bracelet (7-1/4")
B1212 Hematite Swirl & Pearl Stretch Bracelet (7-3/8")
B2001 SS Balls and Tubes Bracelet (7")
B2002 Gold/SS Ball & Tube Bracelet (7")
B2005SS SS & Cube Bracelet (7")
B2005GF Gold & Cube Bracelet (7")
B2011 Red Jade Heart Bracelet (7-1/8")
B2012 Red, White, Blue Star Bracelet (7")
B2015 Glass Oval Bracelet (7")
B3000 Pearl & Gold Tube Bracelet (7")
B3001 White & Blue Pearl Bracelet (7-1/2")
B4001 Red, White & Blue Czech Bracelet
B3003 Bali Tube & Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2")
B3004 Silvertone Square and Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2")
B3050 Tortoise Shell Glass and Crystal Stretch Bracelet (7")
B4000 Celtic Pewter & Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2")
B4001S Pewter Silvertone Spiral Bracelet (7")
B4001C Pewter Coppertone Spiral Bracelet (7")
B5000 RAMS Blue & Gold Stretch Bracelet (7")
B5001 Multicolor Glass/SS Stretch Bracelet (7")
B5002W CARDS Red & White Stretch Bracelet (7")
B5002GF CARDS Red & Gold Bracelet (7")
B6000 Black Onyx and Silver Bracelet (7-1/4")
B6001 Goldstone & Bali Bracelet (7-3/8")
B6002 Tigers Eye Bracelet (7")
B6500 Iolite Chip Bracelet (7")
B6501 Peridot Chip Bracelet (7")
B6503 Lapis and Silver Memory Bracelet
B6504 Hematite and Pearl Memory Bracelet
B7000 MultiColor Cateye Bracelet (7-1/4")
B7001 Single Color Cateye Bracelet (7-1/4")
B7003 MultiStone Bracelet (7-1/4")
B7004 Resin & SS Stretch Bracelet (7")
B7005 Crystal & Glass Stretch Bracelet (7")
B7006 Multicolor Cateye Stretch Bracelet (6-1/2")
B7500 SS/Bamboo Bracelet (7")
B7501 Crystal & Silver Filigree Bracelet (7-1/2")
B7502 Crystal Cube & Silver Bracelet (7-1/4")
B7503 Crystal & Bali Bracelet (7-1/2")
B7504 Chunky Silver Bracelet (8")
B7505 Multicolor Crystal Bracelet (7-1/2")
B7800-1* SS Name Bracelet (7-1/2")
B7800-2* SS Name 2-Strand Bracelet (7-1/2")
B7800-3 SS Name 3-Strand Bracelet (7-1/2")
B8005 Red & Green Glass Stretch Bracelet (6-1/2")
B8500 Czech Glass & SS Watch Bracelet (7-1/2")
B8501 Czech Glass & Painted Watch Bracelet (7-1/2")
Item Number Description
E1008 Crystal & Pearl Earrings
E1014S Glass Cube & Silver Earrings
E1014L Glass Cube & Silver Earrings
E1201 Hematite Donut/Cube Earrings
E1203 Hematite Saucers & Tubes Earrings
E1204 Hematite & Crystal Earrings
E1206 Hematite Saucer & Crystal Earrings
E1208 Hematite & Silver Earrings
E1210S Faceted Hematite/SS Earrings (short)
E1210L Faceted Hematite/SS Earrings (long)
E2002 Gold/SS Ball & Tube Earrings
E2009 Crystal Earrings
E2010 Czech Glass & Gold Earrings
E2012 Red, White, Blue Star Earrings
E2013 Glass Pyramid Earrings
E2014 Glass Wafer Earrings
E2015 Glass Oval Earrings
E2016 Glass Coin Earrings
E3000 Pearl & Gold Earrings
E3001 White & Blue Pearl Earrings
E3002 Silver Ball Earrings
E3004 Silvertone Square and Crystal Earrings
E4000 Celtic Pewter & Crystal Earrings
E4001S Pewter Silvertone Spiral Earrings 
E4001C Pewter Coppertone Spiral Earrings 
E4002 Multicolor Czech Glass & Gold Earrings
E4005 Celtic Pewter & Crystal Earrings
E5000 RAMS Earrings
E5002 CARDS Earrings
E6000 Black Onyx & Silver Earrings
E6002 Tigers Eye Earrings
E6500 Iolite Chip Earrings
E6502 Multi-Stone Chip & Pearl Earrings
E6503 Turquoise Chip Earrings
E7000 MultiColor Cateye Earrings
E7503 Crystal & SS Earrings
E7505 Multicolor Crystal Earrings
E7510 Crystal & Bali Earrings
E8000 Snowman Earrings
E8001 Heart & Crystal Earrings
E8002SS Pearl & SS Angel Earrings
E8002GF Pearl & GF Angel Earrings
E8002SS-F Frosted SS Angel Earrings
E8002CR Small Crystal & SS Angel Earrings
E8003 Christmas Tree Earrings
E8004 Flower Earrings
E8005 Red & Green Glass Earrings
Item Number Description
N1001SS* SS/Crystal Tennis Necklace (16")
N1001GF GF/Crystal Tennis Necklace (16")
N1008 Crystal & Pearl Necklace (16-1/2")
N1012SS SS/Single Color Glass Necklace (16")
N1012GF* GF/Single Color Glass Necklace (16")
N1014 Glass Cube & Silver Necklace (23")
N1201 Hematite Donut/Cube Necklace (18-1/2')
N1204 Hematite Crystal Necklace (21-1/2")
N1208 Hematite/SS Necklace (23-1/2")
N2003 Small Silver & Bali Necklace (16")
N1210 Faceted Hematite/SS Necklace (19-1/4")
N1225 Turquoise Noodle Necklace (18")
N1226 Carnelian & Turquoise Necklace (16")
N2001* SS Balls and Tubes Necklace (21-1/2")
N2002 Gold/SS Ball & Tube Necklace (17")
N2004 Gold & Silver Ball Necklace (20")
N2006 SS Plain & Corrugated Balls Necklace (20")
N2008 Potato Pearl & Bali Necklace (20")
N2009 Crystal & Silver Nugget Necklace (20-5/8")
N2010 Czech Glass & Gold Necklace (17-3/4")
N2012 Red, White, Blue Star Necklace (16")
N2050 Hematite Lariat Necklace (19")
N3000 Pearl & Gold Tube Necklace (20")
N3001 White & Blue Pearl 2-Strand Necklace (25")
N4002 Multicolor Czech Glass & Gold Necklace (16")
N5000 RAMS Blue/Gold Neckace 27-1/4"
N6000 Black Onyx and Silver Necklace (21-1/4 ")
N6002 Tigers Eye Necklace (21-3/4")
N6502 Multi-Stone Chip Necklace (48")
N7000 MultiColor Cateye Necklace (16-1/2")
N7500 SS/Bamboo Necklace (23")
N7505 Multicolor Crystal Necklace (15-1/2")
Nshort Necklace Shortener/Clasp (Silverplate)
Sets (10% discount over individual price)
Item Number Description
S1008 Crystal & Pearl Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S1201 Hematite Donut/Cube Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S1204 Hematite Crystal Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S1208 Hematite/SS Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S1210 Faceted Hematite/SS Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S1014 Glass Cube/SS Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S2002 Gold/SS Ball & Tube Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S3000 Pearl & Gold Tube Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S3001 White & Blue Pearl Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S5000 RAMS Blue/Gold Neckace, Bracelet, Earrings
S6000 Black Onyx/Silver Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S6002 Tigers Eye Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
S7000 MultiColor Cateye Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings
Item Number Description
L1000 Quartz Chip & Leather Belt
L1001 Turquoise Chip Belt
Book Markers
Item Number Description
O4000 SS Initials and Crystal Book Marker
O7000 Art Glass and Cateye Book Market
Stemware Tags (wine charms etc.)
Item Number Description
W9000 Cateye Stemware Tags - asst colors (s/8)
W9001 Glass Bead Stemware Tags - asst colors (s/8)
W9002 Crystal Stemware Tags - asst colors (s/8)
W9003 SS Charm Stemware Tags - asst charms (s/8)
W9004SS Pewter Charm Stemware Tags - asst charms (s/8)
W9004GF Bronze Charm Stemware Tags - asst charms (s/8)
W9005 Pewter Celtic Stemware Tags - asst runes (s/12)
W9006 SS Xmas Charm Stemware Tags - asst charms (s/8)
W9007 Pewter 12 Days Stemware Tags - asst charms (s/12)

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